What I Like Discovering | Welcome to the WILD

WILD: What I Like Discovering is passionate about music, film, television and all forms of artistic expression. We aim to collect our thoughts on the art we discover on a regular basis. Whether it’s brand spankin’ new or existed forever, we all stumble onto something we’ve never seen before. When we do, this is our platform to share the discovery with others. We focus on creating great discussions about the media we consume today and what it means to us as artist and audience.

We hope to create a platform that supports the artists and gives people a chance to discuss their thoughts and feelings on the work. We want this space to give people a chance to express their thoughts and opinions while also recommending the proper channels to enjoying these artistic expressions. Music, for example, is an industry that has been in a rebuilding process throughout this century. While there is more music than ever, there are less ways to earning a living in that career. We believe it to be our responsibility to support those artists by paying for their work rather than stealing it. This is our stance, especially for those artists who have to spend more than they make to create their art.

Call For Writers

If you have a passion for any of the categories of artistic expression we discuss on this website and want to share your thoughts and discoveries please contact us at whatilikediscovering@gmail.com. Please provide a short bio of yourself. You can tell us a little about yourself and please include your interests and what you want to accomplish writing on this site. Also, provide two writing samples (at least 150 words) showcasing your writing in any of these categories: music, film, TV, video games.

For now, take your steps into the WILD and enjoy your time here.