Deep Sea Diver Delivers Perfection With Secrets

Deep Sea Diver is a very recent love for me, but I’m already obsessed. I cannot get enough of their music and have been enjoying all the live performance videos I could find on YouTube. I’ve also been checking their social media on a daily basis (sometimes hourly) to see if they are coming to a town near me. I just want to throw all my money at them. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind that, right?

Deep Sea Diver is a band from Seattle, Washington comprised of Jessica Dobson, Peter Mansen, Garrett Gue and Elliot Jackson. Jessica Dobson has an incredibly impressive resumé playing guitar alongside bands such as Beck, The Shins, Spoon, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

With those incredible guitar playing chops it’s easy to see the unique sound she brings to the band. Her lead vocals also show a great range that lends itself well to both their high energy and beautiful songs.

KEXP brought the Seattle locals into their studio to perform songs off of their most recent release, Secrets. That performance shows off their abilities to bring their sound to a live setting and it’s amazing. Above, you can enjoy the song, See These Eyes, from their KEXP performance back in March of 2016. Since this video, Deep Sea Diver has made another appearance on KEXP through a live performance during KEXP’s New Home Grand Opening.

Deep Sea Diver Jessica Dobson

Photo Found on Deep Sea Diver Facebook. Photo Cred: Courtney Armitage

Deep Sea Diver’s 2016 album, Secrets, is by far my favorite album of the year so far. It has everything to satisfy my musical tastes. Awesome guitar parts, emotional melodies, long instrumental breaks and great layers mixing together to make brilliance. The second half of Secrets stands out to me and I keep jumping straight to it whenever I listen to the album. See These Eyes through New Day are perfect examples of what I love in music. From the energetic See These Eyes to the emotional Always Waiting, they achieve an eclectic range of emotions.

Deep Sea Diver is making the music we’ve always dreamed of listening to. They currently do not have a tour scheduled but are scheduled to open for Wilco. The band is quickly growing in popularity and are getting a lot of attention from all over. The band has released its most recent album on their own record label, High Beam Records. They have given themselves complete control over the music they create by also starting a record label that will allow them to pursue their creativity.

Check out their album, Secrets, below and for more Deep Sea Diver – Listen, Download, Follow:

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