Hunting Bears Is Beautiful and Sad

Thanks to Hunting Bears we are able to enjoy what might be the most beautiful music to every grace humanity. The Blind Club brings us this wonderful video of Baroque Pop band, Hunting Bears. They meld their voices like an expert quintet with perfect harmonic balance. The five singers showcase their individual skill while brilliantly offering different layers of heaven through their harmonies. If there is one thing I love, it’s harmonies. And Hunting Bears has truly mastered the art through their music.

Hunting Bears consists of five members: Mary-Jane Walker, Reece Jacob, Richard Bennett, Alice Phelps, and Sim Walker. As multi-instrumentalists, they are able to combine an eclectic blend of sounds to their music. The song “Only In My Skin” showcases all their voices while playing a single acoustic guitar. Below, you can listen to Heavy Tree which adds the harp, cello, viola, ukulele, and drums. It is easy to recognize their talent and the way they melt together as a group to create a holistic experience.

Hunting Bears is my band of the week because of their ability to create and deal with strong emotions in their music. Only In My Skin is a beautiful song that addresses the death of a loved one and being in a place of mourning. But, they are wise words that show an understanding of death and the way our memories shape overtime. The harmony of voices also shows the collective pain that is felt by any group when a death occurs. It’s beautiful, it’s pain, it’s sadness, and it’s love.

They recently released some music in the form of an EP called, “Foolish Love E.P.” The EP has a total of 5 gorgeous songs to let into your heart. Many members of their band have their own solo projects going so it’s very special that they were able to release more music for us to enjoy. To listen, I have left links at the bottom of this post.

The layers to their music are soothing and I am listening to them obsessively this week. Take some time to listen to another song they recorded with The Blind Club. Get taken to the top of a clock tower and discover the wonderful sounds Hunting Bears is creating:

Heavy Tree by Hunting Bears

Can’t get enough? Me neither! Be sure to show your support by following their pages and buying their music. They are a smaller band with amazing talent so I urge you to support them in their endeavors. We need more music from them, so it is important we are able to contribute and push the growth for bands such as Hunting Bears.

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