Lady Lamb Releases New EP | TENDER WARRIORS CLUB

Today marks the digital release of Lady Lamb’s latest EP, TENDER WARRIORS CLUB. The physical vinyl is set to hit shelves on January 13th, so you’ll have to wait until then to bump all those tasty tracks on your record player. For now, you can enjoy the EP in its entirety and start getting excited for her upcoming Living Room Tour through North America in January. Lady Lamb is stopping in living rooms offered up by people all over the country to share her intimate new music.

About the EP and North American Tour

Lady Lamb has intentionally put down her Jazzmaster and gone acoustic for this EP. She has set out to write music that is both intimate and vulnerable. In order to do that, she knew the right choice would be to keep it between her, an acoustic guitar, and a room full of loving strangers. Through her time in Maine, New York, Portugal, and Sweden, she reflected on her fears and anxieties. She sings about the fears that come with falling in love and the anxiety that comes when feeling something precious is at stake.

TENDER WARRIORS CLUB and Lady Lamb’s upcoming tour embody the music by taking the EP with her to intimate spaces around the US. People in every state have offered up their living rooms, lofts, art galleries, yoga studios, coffee shops and more to host Lady Lamb for a night of music in their city. These shows will go without amplification or a stage. It will just be Lady Lamb on an acoustic guitar, singing her heart out about very tender things. Her EP promises to provide a safe space for expression and allow people to be emotionally vulnerable.

The spaces for each show are sure to be wonderful and they are required to accommodate 40-75 people. Tickets are $20 and no tickets will be sold at the door so be sure to get yours here ahead of time to make sure you can enjoy a special night with Lady Lamb. None of these shows will have opening acts, so you will be sure to get an up close and personal experience. You can see all the dates here and find out if she’s coming to your city or a city near you.

About the Music

TENDER WARRIORS CLUB features 7 new tracks from Lady Lamb played acoustically and emotionally. Lady Lamb has always had a powerful voice, but this album seems to highlight it even more. She truly sounds like she is expressing her emotions through her voice and her control shines through in all of the songs. She glides smoothly through the quiet and loud moments and uses the volumes effectively to convey the messages.

Her choice to play all of these songs alone and acoustically brings out the intimacy to her music that was always there but really makes it the forefront of the EP. Some of my favorite videos to watch of Lady Lamb are when all she has a guitar and a stage. Lady Lamb really shines when it’s just her and a guitar or banjo. Her energetic voice and powerful guitar work are full of great decisions that make for an incredibly pleasing soundscape. TENDER WARRIORS CLUB is able to draw you in, listen to your heart and sing it right back to you.

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