Mitski Floats In Perfect Nostalgia

Mitski is an artist who effectively blends sad feelings into melancholy tunes that make you feel like somebody finally understands what’s in your heart. The music makes you happy. The music reminds you why you are sad. The ups and the downs take you for a ride until you find yourself just floating down the wave of nostalgia unable to sink or swim.

Mitski’s new music video for her song A Burning Hill off of her latest album, Puberty 2, beautifully captures the feelings emitted through her soothing voice and tender guitar. The closing song of the album is quiet and powerful, filling the hollow space of every room and leaving you with a longing for something more. The video throws us into the wilderness and the use of closeups has us grasping for a touch. The video plays like a quiet day where there is nothing to do but look as close as possible into the world around us and think of everything we ever wanted.

The honesty that Mitski sings into her lyrics capture those moments of longing with small phrases that can remind us of disappointments we’ve experienced. It takes us through the daily routine of making decisions that are significant to who we are at that point in time. It’s raw and simple. It is a haunting to know that these memories can be stirred so effectively by her gentle melodies. But that’s what Mitski does best. She is able to bring out her fears, yearning and ache and remind us that we’ve felt them too.

The songs in Mitski’s albums come in many flavors. She effortlessly combines soft and harsh tones throughout an album and creates emotions that match a life. Her album Puberty 2 feels like a wonderful amalgam of the past decade of music interpreted in a way only Mitski can interpret. The air of familiarity and newness creates a nostalgic soundscape that we always wanted but never had. Her songs can emulate the stylish tones of St. Vincent while also touching on the modern day underground garage punk power chords and energy.

Whether you listen to Mitski’s beautifully quiet lullabies or her unapologetic roar, it is easy to appreciate what she brings to modern music. She is incredibly successful in creating music inspired by the sounds she loves while sharing stories that shake our hearts. She is going on tour at the end of this month in support of Puberty 2 with dates throughout the US, Europe and one show in Canada. For a chance to see her live, see her upcoming dates here.

As always, it is important we continue to contribute to artists so they can afford to make their art. Support Mitski by following her social media and buying her music and we will all be rewarded:


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