What to Watch For Halloween? Don’t Breathe!

It’s the first week of October and it’s time to start taking in the horror for Halloween. Don’t Breathe is one horror movie you’ll want to catch before it leaves theaters. Enter the world of three desperate teens trying to rob a blind man for everything he’s got. Little did they know, it’s not easy to rob a blind man when you too are stumbling through the darkness.

I spent a Tuesday afternoon alone in a theater enjoying this movie. But I’ve gotta say, some company would have been welcome during Don’t Breathe. Being alone in the theater only added to the stress that this film spends pounding down on you.

The necessary introduction to establish the plot, characters and motivation felt a bit rushed. It does the bare minimum to give the audience some guidance through the story. However, while the beginning of the film could have been structured more smoothly and created more of a connection between the audience and the characters, it clearly wasn’t the focus of the film.

From the moment our protagonists start their heist, my heart was beating through my chest. The film does an excellent job heightening the silence (lowering the silence?) and making every movement, every creak, every single breath feel like the end is near. The suspense of every sound created only makes you look all around and make sure nobody is trying to sneak up behind you while you cower in your comfy leather recliner. The few moments that the trauma lets up to give you a breather are welcome but the film only keeps pushing.

There is little rest in the all nighter that is Don’t Breathe and by the end of I was begging for the sun to come out. The suspense only builds as obstacle after obstacle stops our heroes in their tracks throughout the entire night. Don’t Breathe is a must watch for horror fans during this Halloween season. So take a day off work, invite some friends, and enjoy another stressful Tuesday.

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