I think that for this review it is important to point some things out. I’m 25 years old. The first Ghostbusters movie came out seven years before I was born and Ghostbusters II was only two years. Having said that, I did watch these movies in my childhood but they aren’t my childhood. Is everyone okay with that? Cool? Great!

It comes as no surprise that this movie has had mixed reviews. More often than not the reviews are coming from people that are older than I am and grew up with Ghostbusters either as children or young adults. Having said that the movies came when the tone for movies is very different from now. Take this into consideration. Just to name a few, Gremlins, The Terminator, The Karate Kid, and Police Academy all came out the same year as Ghostbusters. A lot of movies released then were and kind of still are “out there.” I’m fully aware that we are in a franchise time for cinema. We have been saturated with superhero movies that are remakes or retellings of stories already produced. We, or at least some of us, expect quick cuts and loud noises with big booms and loud bams!

What does this have to do with Ghostbusters 2016? Everything!

Although it is somewhat related to the original two movies, there’s nothing connecting the two movies except some fun cameos and something that you should wait until the end of the credits to see. For all intents and purposes, this is a brand new movie that is borrowing elements from an established set of movies.

Now the actual movie. * I think it is important to say that I watched it the Monday before release weekend due to an event thanks to the website Collider and the people at IMAX in which we watched it in a small theater with superb sound and in IMAX 3D*

The movie was great! It was definitely enjoyable and worth a watch. The characters aren’t really developed though. But that doesn’t stop them from being funny. Personally, my favorite was Kate McKinnon! Her character was hilarious throughout and really made the team dynamic work. Chris Hemsworth’s character was perfect every second he was on screen. Leslie Jones was pretty much what you expect from the trailer. There isn’t more to say about her character. And as far as the most recognizable two actors Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, their chemistry wasn’t solid but it was fun. The characters are fun.

Moving away from characters and into the actual plot and pace, I feel like it had a REALLY strong second act and kind of rode it out for the last 5 minutes of the movie. Overall, that isn’t bad considering that the entire movie was well paced and things connected.

The special effects or CGI or whatever you want to call it felt great. They went with a more cartoonish approach and less of a realistic feel than the original pair of movies but I think that’s just what happens when trying to appeal to children. Things are bright and colorful, but not overwhelming.

Overall, I definitely recommend going to watch this movie. If not to compare it to the original two or see if the hate was justified. I enjoyed the movie and would enjoy it watching it with a group of friends.

But don’t just take my opinion. Go and make one yourself!

Thanks for reading.

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