One of the worst kept secrets has finally made an appearance at E3 2017. Ubisoft’s collaboration with Nintendo known as Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle was finally shown off during Ubisoft’s presentation. Special guest Shigeru Miyamoto joined Ubisoft on stage to announce their collaborative title. It was clear that the Ubisoft team was indeed honored to be working with one of the world’s most recognizable characters, Mario.

The game features the heroes of the mushroom kingdom, Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi, along with some look-alike Rabbids. These rabbit-like creatures appear dressed as different Mario characters and fight alongside our heroes. The Rabbids world has disrupted the Mushroom Kingdom and it is up to our heroes to stop the threat of Rabbids that have gone bad. The scenery combines aspects of both worlds and brings a vibrant and bright look that really pops.

See Gameplay of Mario and Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

The gameplay footage shown off shows the beautiful world the Ubisoft team created along with the classic Mario tunes. As they travel through the world, they find coins and treasures that will help them along their journey. Of course, the game is a turn-based tactical adventure, so combat plays an important role. The characters enter battle where they have a range of movement and attacks they can perform on enemy units. You can also use the terrain to gain cover and hide from enemy attacks.

It looks as if there is a lot of depth to the combat and the game. Teamwork between your units will give you the advantage against the enemy. There will be a lot to learn once the game releases on August 29th, 2017. For more news about E3, be sure to stay tuned for more coverage on the expo.

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