Maze Runner: The Death Cure picks back up where The Scorch Trials left off and follows Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) as they try to rescue Minho (Ki Hong Lee) after the betrayal of Teresa (Kaya Scodelario) in the name of WCKD who is headed by Patricia Clarkson’s Ava Paige and Aidan Gillen’s Janson.

It’s a race against time as the Gladers must break into the last city in the midst of the war brewing between the city’s citizens and those living outside of its wall. It is directed by Wes Ball who has directed both previous entries.


If you are a long time fan of either the novels or the previous movies, Maze Runner: The Death Cure will be an enjoyable continuation in the saga. It is action packed and has some great sequences filled with moments from your favorite characters. However, The Death Cure suffers from what all a majority of third installments suffer from- it requires you to watch previous entries. This movie does not stand alone and it is very noticeable in moments that are meant for dedicated fans.

Critiquing this movie as a stand alone movie may seem unfair but it is important when deciding whether or not it is worth the watch. Not to mention that the most memorable part of the trilogy was the initial installment because everything was new and it required to create relationships with the characters and the world around them. The Death Cure leans heavily on the fact that you either know what’s to come or that you recently watched Scorch Trials since it picks up very soon after it.


As a third installment, it does feel that it is a good endnote. There are things throughout that don’t feel deserved. This could be a symptom of the translation from novel to movie since the latter doesn’t allow much for visually presenting internal conflict or make for good screen time like people having telekinetic conversations.

The story does have a certain lack of focus. The first two thirds of the movie surround Minho and how the Gladers are going to rescue him. It doesn’t feel like the Thomas or Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) are planning to take down WCKD or even about getting revenge on Teresa or convincing her on joining them in the end. This is another symptom of translation. As I’ve mentioned before, the movie does have good action sequences and a great look at Thomas as he fights for those close to him.

Final Verdict

A fan of this series has already made their mind up and is going to watch it. For those that aren’t invested and may not want to endure the previous films can confidently give this movie a pass.

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