Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome amiibo

The 3 year old game is getting a huge update. Nintendo has decided to bring some new charm to its beloved series, Animal Crossing through it’s 3DS title, Animal Crossing New Leaf.

There will be a free update to Animal Crossing New Leaf this fall which will give the game amiibo functionality and other new features. The Animal Crossing figures and cards will be compatible with the game, but so will select figures from other series. In addition to this update, there will be a 5th series of Animal Crossing amiibo Cards released featuring 50 animals that have never been seen in New Leaf. The new cards are adorable and feature a look at the interior design of that villager’s mobile home.

Animal Crossing amiibo Cards

With your amiibo you can invite villagers to your town and even invite them to live with you. There are different options for updating your game. Both the original and Nintendo Selects copy of Animal Crossing can be updated to have amiibo functionality, or you can buy a version of the game called Animal Crossing Welcome amiibo and get the game that already has those updates along with one of the new amiibo cards from the 5th series.

Below you can see what looks like a new area of town where animals drive their RVs, Trailers, or Vans (whichever you want to call them) to camp out in your town. You can then enter their cute small home and get a taste of what their homes would look like on the go. It will be exciting to meet the 50 new villagers being added to the game and invite them to live in your town with you.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome amiibo

That is all the info for today and there wasn’t a defined release date on this free update but we will get more information this fall. There will be another Nintendo Direct focused on this Animal Crossing New Leaf update this fall. Another promise without a solidified date but if it’s like any Nintendo Direct in the past, we’ll find out about it 2 days before.

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