Mario Party Star Rush Is Bringing Seven Fun New Modes

The next party game in the Mario Party series is bringing a variety of new modes to play with your friends. The featured mode in the Nintendo Direct was the Toad Scramble mode. Everybody in the game rolls the dice simultaneously and move at the same time. The quick paced race also adds a lot of strategy to your game because of the many twists and turns to achieve your goal. You have to think fast to hone your strategy. Toad Scramble also has allies that will help you collect more points when battling your Toad rivals.

Mario Party Star Rush


The other modes such as Coinathlon where you race around a track while collecting coins and playing mini games. There is no dice rolling so this mode is all skill. Another mode called Mario Shuffle has you move 3 (amiibo looking) pieces to your opponents side of the board. There are many ways to play together including a free download for Mario Party Star Rush Party Guest which will allow players to play the entire game together without limitations.

The game is compatible with the Super Mario amiibo line and Nintendo will be releasing new amiibo alongside Mario Party Star Rush on November 4th.

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