This morning, Nintendo showed off a total of 17 games during their E3 presentation. The 25 minute showcase opened an entire day of news and demonstrations for upcoming titles on the Switch. Most of these titles are scheduled for release within 2017 but Nintendo did fit in some announcements for titles coming in 2018 and possibly beyond. Without Further ado, here is a look at the games shown during their presentation:

Nintendo’s Opening Trailer

The first trailer highlighted 5 games. The games were a mix of first and third party titles. The games include ARMS, Rocket League, Pokkén Tournament DX, FIFA, and Splatoon 2. These games highlight the competitive and online gameplay coming to the Switch this year. ARMS will be released this Friday, June 16th right after E3. Splatoon 2 hits shelves July 21st, Pokkén Tournament DX releases September 22nd, FIFA is coming in fall, and Rocket League is set for Holiday.

Game Trailers and Announcements

After the initial trailer, Nintendo began showing trailers and announcing more titles. They reconfirmed Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for Holiday 2017. They then surprised us with 4 games: Kirby, Yoshi, Pokémon, and Metroid Prime 4. The Pokémon game will be the first core Pokémon game coming to a home console. Metroid Prime 4 has been long awaited by many fans and was announced to be in development. Both Metroid and Pokémon are expected to take a while to develop.

From there, Nintendo showed off trailers for Fire Emblem Warriors and mentioned Skyrim. They mentioned some exclusive content coming to the Switch version of Skyrim. Special items from the Zelda universe will be available in Skyrim through the use of amiibo. This also lead into a look at the upcoming Breath of the Wild DLC. We got a look at the 1st pack coming on June 30th. We also received a teaser for the 2nd DLC pack scheduled for a holiday release.

Mario closed out the presentation with two different games. Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle and Super Mario Odyssey both got new trailers. The Ubisoft and Nintendo combo has created a quirky strategy game that is sure to win fans over come this August. Super Mario Odyssey is looking like a gorgeous title that will take us into new worlds full of exploration. Also, the song for the trailer was catchy. For more news on upcoming titles, be sure to stay tuned to WILD.

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