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This time last year, the world was graced by the most beautiful miniseries ever created. Over The Garden Wall is a story about two brothers trying to find their way home after getting lost in the Unknown. The artwork, with its dark shades and autumn hues, quickly establishes this series as the perfect October tale to enjoy for the Halloween season. Created by Patrick McHale, the series spans 10 chapters which offer a story full of charm, adventure and mystery. The story writing power of Patrick McHale creates a world insightful to life with a complete awareness of death. Over The Garden Wall places our characters in a trail between life and death, teaching them about the burdens they must bear on the road they travel.

Each chapter explores the Unknown and leads us to a deeper understanding of our two travelers, Wirt and Greg. Wirt, voiced by Elijah Wood, is the elder brother on the steps of maturity dealing with anxiety and a naturally timid nature. Greg, voiced by Collin Dean, is the younger brother full of naivety and curiosity that often leads him off course and into trouble. In the first episode (which you can watch below), we are introduced to our protagonists and engulfed by the story of Over The Garden Wall. The series quickly establishes the woods they have entered and the variety of obstacles the characters will face, both quirky and terrifying.

It is easy to be entranced by the first chapter of the story and the series shows off its ability to blend episodic tales with a larger overall plot. The series’ music takes on the genre of old folk tunes that add to the character of the Unknown and give viewers a fairytale-like impression of the wooded scenery. The artwork and character design is a delightful complement to the Halloween season that skirts the line of cute and horror. The 10 chapter series documents their travels through the Unknown, the souls they encounter, the lessons they learn and the fate that awaits them at the end of their road.

In its entirety, it only takes a little over 2 hours to watch the story unfold. To enjoy the rest of the series, episodes are available to stream on Cartoon Network and Hulu (with subscription) or you can purchase the series at other retailers such as AmazonWalmart or Best Buy. As always, it is wonderful to support the art creators make by purchasing and watching through proper means.

Over The Garden Wall made history by becoming the first animated miniseries to air on Cartoon Network. However, prior to the creation of the full mini series, Patrick McHale created a short called Tome of the Unknown. The short is an early iteration of Over The Garden Wall which follows Wirt and Greg on a search to find the Tome of the Unknown. Just as the title suggests. The short captures the early charm of Over The Garden Wall and reveals that the story was the result of many rewrites and hard work. While the early workings of Over The Garden Wall involved the search for a tome, the final product focused on the character’s journey home.

If you’ve reached the end of the series and watched its beginnings as Tome of the Unknown, it is important to note that since the creation of Over The Garden Wall, two comic book series based on these stories have been created. Over The Garden Wall’s first run as a comic book gives us 4 comics that fall alongside the tales told in the mini series. A new Over The Garden Wall comic series is a new and ongoing story that releases monthly issues. You’ll have to do some searching for physical copies of the comics, but they are available on comiXology in digital form.

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