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Ian Metzger Is Back With The Gentle Hits

Dear and The Headlights singer, Ian Metzger has started a new project known as the Gentle Hits. This past week, they announced that their debut self-titled album would be released November 18th, 2016. The project has been in the works for the past four years but many have yet to experience their music at all. The band has had a total of two shows with a third being canceled last minute.

Based out of Arizona, the band is made up of Ian Metzger and Mark Kulvinskas of Dear and The Headlights and James Mulhern of What Laura Says. The trio are bringing to light songs that Ian Metzger has written about his experiences. From the loss of his father, to the birth of two daughters, to working 40 hours a week at a Trader Joes, he writes music as emotional and honest as his previous band.

As previously mentioned, there are very few recordings that exist of The Gentle Hits. This is one of two that can be found on YouTube:

The Gentle Hits self-titled album is now available to preorder through their record label’s (Porch Party Records) bandcamp page. You can preorder the physical copy of the CD that will be mailed on or around November 18th or the digital copy which will then be available for you to download and stream to your hearts content.

Support The Gentle Hits by ordering their album and following their social media:

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