The Matches Perform Decomposer At Teragram Ballroom

10 years ago an Oakland band named The Matches released “Decomposer”, their second album. On June 10th and 11th, they played two shows at the Teragram Ballroom in Downtown Los Angeles to celebrate their accomplishments with their original band lineup of Shawn Harris, Jon Devoto, Matt Whalen, and Justin SanSouci.

If you’ve never heard The Matches it is difficult to describe. Most would call them Pop Punk or Alternative Rock. Genres are weird, right? I suggest diving in and listening for yourself.  

Personal suggestions: “Borderline Creep” from E. Von Dahl Killed The Locals, “Papercut Skin” and “What Katie Said” from Decomposer, “To Build a Mountain” and “Between Halloweens” from A Band In Hope, and “It’s My Day” and “Nothing’s Going On” from Album 4.

But let’s talk about the show…

There were two opening bands: Maadwest and Black Map.

Maadwest is composed of Matty, Brock, and Tyger. Their Facebook page description says they’re “Hi-fi Beach/weed/booze punk.” But here’s a taste of them.

According to Shawn Harris, lead singer of The Matches, Matty had sent him demos throughout the years ever since Warped Tour 2005. To which Shawn Harris denied him multiple times stating that he can’t play guitar, can’t sing, but when Matty was finally able to do those two things Harris was interested. Matty went from fan to being an opening band for The Matches, which goes to show that persistence and practice can do anything.

Maadwest will release their debut Album July 2016.

Black Map came out strong.They’re a band from San Francisco consisting of Mark Engles, Chris Robyn, and Ben Flanagan and were the second band to open for The Matches on their June 10th show at the Teragram Ballroom.

My favorite song of theirs was actually the first song they performed. Since they didn’t give names between songs, I just walked away with a first impression. But it was a great song!

They debuted in 2014 with their EP Driver and full length album …And We Explode. They’ll be touring the rest of the summer with Bush, Chevelle, and The Dead Deads.

The Matches

So. They played through all of Decomposer. Duh. That’s what the show was for. Celebrating 10 years of an awesome album. Here’s a list of songs they played that aren’t on the album and were performed as an encore.

  • Dog-Eared Page
  • Chain Me Free
  • Life of a Match
  • Yankee in a Chip Shop
  • Scratched Out
  • Audio Blood

The Matches has definitely left an impact with a community. This audience is probably the best audience I’ve ever seen. The Teragram Ballroom was filled with such variety ranging from people who were fans from the very beginning to fans who discovered them after their hiatus (me, included) in 2009. My biggest takeaway was that I didn’t see screens. At most shows I feel like there’s always phones blocking views and distracting from enjoying the show. But people were fully immersed. That’s just the amazingness that is The Matches.

I’ve already given you my recommendation at the top of the article. The Matches will continue to celebrate their 10 year anniversary of both Decomposer and E. Von Dahl Killed The Locals throughout the rest of 2016 with shows in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles as well as shows scattered in Australia. This is a band I HIGHLY recommend checking out.

One of my favorite moment was the fact that there was a 4 year old girl at the show. The album is older than she is and she was there rocking out and even mouthing the words according to lead singer, Shawn Harris.

One of my favorite quotes from the night was “Mercury is in retrograde which is why I missed that last f sharp minor.”

The Matches

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