Nintendo Switch Arriving March 2017

Nintendo has finally revealed their upcoming console, Nintendo Switch, and it has put an end to the speculation and given us solid evidence of what the new console has to offer. The Nintendo Switch will be a hybrid console that can be played both at home and on the go. With detachable controllers, you can literally switch the way you play the game. The preview video displays many ways Nintendo is blending gaming with every day life.

The Controller

The Nintendo Switch’s main feature is the tablet looking screen with detachable controllers that can be placed in a doc to play on your TV. The tablet has slots where you can attach controllers or you can play with the controllers unattached and the tablet propped up with its peg stand. The controllers look as if they act a bit like the Nintendo Wii control and two people are able to use one to play multiplayer games. When the tablet is on the dock, you can then remove the controllers and attach them to another controller to play your games.

Nintendo Switch Controller Tablet

Nintendo Switch Stand

From the image above, we get our first look at the controls available to play as well as a shot of the upcoming Zelda: Breath of the Wild title. The left side features a control stick, d-pad, left trigger, and a mysterious square that could indicate a power or select button. The right side has an ABXY button scheme, another control stick, a right trigger, a cute tiny d-pad, and another mysterious square that could also indicate a power or select button. From behind, we can see that the tablet controller also has a stand and you can see there are actually two bumpers on the controllers. Also, there is a slot where you can insert cartridges.


This view of the controller highlights a standalone version of the switch controller that allows you to use the two detachable pegs away from the tablet but still connected. You have a variety of options when choosing what control scheme you want to use. There is another controller that seems more ergonomically designed and gives your hands a bit more to grasp. And if you want to ditch that control scheme completely, you can also choose to play on their pro controller.


Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

A Return To Cartridge Gaming

Nintendo Switch Cartridge

Nintendo is leaving behind discs and blue rays and opting to use cartridges on this upcoming console. Cartridges will enable incredibly fast load times for their games and people will be able to get up and running quickly. The slot at the top of the tablet allows you to insert your games and has a cover to keep them from being visible or easily removed at the wrong time. There is still no word if discs will be able to play on the Nintendo Switch, but it is safe to assume that the feature is gone.

The Nintendo Switch Dock

The dock for the Nintendo Switch allows you to detach from the tablet and play in the comfort of your living room. The Dock has a slot in which you slide your tablet in and watch on your TV. While the tablet itself can be used to play with your friends and family, the dock makes gaming much more accessible for bigger groups. You can easily switch your system to the television and entertain your guests to no end. Nintendo has really reached and created a system that offers complete control over how you game.

Thus far, all that can be seen from the dock is that it offers a large slot to fit your tablet, a couple of USB inputs and a green light indicating the system is on.

Nintendo Switch Console

Upcoming Games

From the trailer, we get a quick look of the games coming to the Nintendo Switch. It is safe to assume these games could be launch titles or titles we’ll see within the first year of the system. The games coming so far: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario, Splatoon, Mario Kart, Skyrim Remastered, and a Basketball game. The big names and popular titles already shown off give us a promising launch for the Nintendo Switch.

Third Party Support

A list of partners has been provided in the Nintendo Switch official press release. Already, there is an impressive array of support for the console from third party developers. This will give Nintendo a steady stream of releases that it unfortunately did not have for its previous console. See the full list here and for more information on the console, visit the official Nintendo Switch website today.


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