What I Like Discovering Playlist December 5th

This WILD Playlist is full of great acts. Several have made quite an impression with Grammy Nominations or notable releases in 2016. This week’s playlist gives a grungy flavor with fuzz heavy guitar and garage flavors. Here are some powerful, female lead acts that are making music that is unapologetic and edgy.

Margaret GlaspyMargaret Glaspy Emotions and Math – You And I

Margaret Glaspy’s  2016 debut album, Emotions and Math, is making quite a splash. Her song “You And I” just landed on NPR Music’s Top 100 songs of 2016. She’s a very new voice in music but her songs give off a grungy 90’s vibe that feels so right. Her heavy use of fuzz and soft voice give her music a unique quality that sounds both familiar and fresh. Margaret’s ability to blend her gentle folky sound with fuzzy power chords gives the perfect soundscape to enjoy her well placed growls.

Angel Olsen – Shut Up Kiss Me

This track by Angel Olsen is off her 2016 album, MY WOMAN, and she has come a long way from her 2010 Folk Singer persona. Her songs float on the edge of dream pop while giving us bouncy indie pop choruses that get the room jumping. Her songs are full of great background vocals that pierce the air with almost eerie tones that fit well with the slapback on her guitar tones. Her arrangements capture a classic rock’n’roll vibe that moves swiftly through each section and keeps the songs catchy and avoid any lulls. Angel Olsen has also landed a spot on NPR’s Top 100 Songs of 2016.

Land Of Talk – Young Bridge

Elizabeth Powell has returned with Land Of Talk after a long 4 year break. The band made their return in 2015 and has since played shows throughout 2016. Young Bridge is off their 2008 album, Some Are Lakes, and gives a good taste of Powell’s voice and the way the band composes their songs with great creative choices. Each section of the song uses the guitar in a new way to successfully highlight the lyrics and layer the song with many flavors. The bass is able to carry the verses, while the guitar can push the pre-chorus into the powerful strums of the chorus.

Courtney BarnettCourtney Barnett The Double EP – History Eraser

Courtney Barnett got a lot of attention after being nominated as Best New Artist at the 2016 Grammy’s. Out of Australia, her music got a lot of attention for her garage-rock infused folk stylings that people connected with instantly. Her nearly monotone singing in History Eraser gives steadiness to the motions of the guitar parts. It gives a dreamy effect to the song that matches well with the lyrics and the journey Courtney goes through.

Sarah Jaffe – Clementine

This is an early song by Sarah Jaffe from her 2010 album, Suburban Nature. Though she describes the song as a throwaway song she wrote in her boyfriend’s dorm room, it’s an impressive track full of longing. The light sound of the instruments are like a tiny orchestra lead by the emotion in her voice. She has been hard at work since 2010 and has since released 5 more albums. Her most recent has recreated her sound with an updated style that fits well with the sounds of the decade. However, she manages to keep her own sound and it fits well with the music she makes.

The Blow – Parentheses

The Blow is an electropop duo from Brooklyn, New York. The two combine sounds together typically looping them so Khaela Maricich and Melissa Dyne can focus on the singing. Really, they essentially have their sounds on tracks while they sing on stage. They work well between the two of them and do a lot with what they have. Their catchy track Parentheses is a fun and bouncy pop tune that can easily get trapped in your head.

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