What I Like Discovering Playlist: June 6 – June 10

Welcome to the WILD! Every week I discover (or re-discover) some great music that I think is worth sharing. This is a look at the week’s treasures for your listening pleasure. This week was loud and energetic. I couldn’t help but get pumped at work listening to these jams.

Allison Weiss Say What You MeanAllison Weiss – Making It Up
Allison Weiss’s folk inspired pop punk songs are the perfect update to the genre. Though she was born and raised in Georgia, she is currently based out of Los Angeles.The LA singer/songwriter hit music hard with her DIY attitude and went from playing coffee shops to releasing 3 EP’s and a full-length album, …Was Right All Along. This song shows the relatability she achieves in her music along with an exciting energetic punch of Indie Pop. I was immediately drawn in by her catchy melody, palm muted chords and expert build to the chorus. It’s the perfect intro to her 2013 album, “Say What You Mean.” If you’re digging this song, be sure to check her out! She’s currently on tour.

Low Cut Connie – Rio
Low Cut Connie has the good old fashioned rock’n’roll sound. Their sound takes us back to the era of piano rock’n’roll, such as legendary Jerry Lee Lewis. The song Rio off their debut album, Get Out The Lotion perfectly displays their quick dance rhythms and an attitude that screams dirty. This band out of Philadelphia brings out tons of energy with raw sounds and raspy voices. Their attitude feels hungry for a performance and their constant wailing in instrumental breaks exudes energy.

Locksley – Don’t Make Me Wait
I can’t help listening to Locksley and thinking of The Fratellis. And let me tell you, that’s a really good thing. There aren’t too many bands in the States that try to pull off the British Indie Pop sound let alone any that are as successful as Locksley. Nonetheless, this Brooklyn based band gets my feet tapping and body swinging to their music. Don’t Make Me Wait is the title track of their 2008 album. They’ve seen some success with opening slots on an OK Go national tour and a song featured in the movie, Cloverfield.

Deep Sea Diver – See These EyesDeep Sea Diver - Secrets
I wish I made music like Deep Sea Diver. There, I said it. Jessica Dobson leads the band with her snappy guitar riffs and edgy vocals. She has performed with a number of huge artists such as Beck, Spoon, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Shins. That’s an impressive resume! Not only that, she has adopted the DIY spirit and recently started her own record label, High Beam Records, and released their most recent full-length, Secrets. See These Eyes is driven by its awesome guitar and bass combo. Each measure they play impresses me with it’s skill and edge. There aren’t many days you get to listen to a song that strays away from straight forward chords and builds songs in a clever way.

Fort Lean – High Definition
Fort Lean is a Brooklyn-based indie rock quintet adding to an already comprehensive music scene. I keep coming back to this song. I’m a sucker for songs that change in the middle. It’s an off kilter feeling that the song has changed but it is still the same. Their jangly guitar chords offer an unusually calm feeling and a nice slow rhythm before the snare kicks in. Once it does, their emotional singer hollers and sends shivers of excitement down my spine. Their melodic art pop pushes feelings into the air that linger after the sounds have subsided.

Stone Cold Fox – Seventeen
There isn’t much on Stone Cold Fox outside of them being based out of Brooklyn. Wow, I must really love Brooklyn. I do know I love the music. Seventeen starts off quiet and pulls us in with the singer’s sweet whisper. That changes quick and they turn it up to eleven instantly. Their bouncy chorus seals the deal and gives us a sweet head bopping tune to dance to.

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