A spoiler free review of X-Men Apocalypse

This review is written the morning after to see what was memorable and what wasn’t.

So. The movie has finally come out and it may not be what you expected. 

First some breakdowns. 

I think it’s important to see these movies for what they are: trilogies. Let’s break them down into categories according to who is playing Professor X as well as the Wolverine solo movies.

There is the Patrick Stewart trilogy- X-Men, X2, and X-Men: The Last Stand.

We are currently experiencing the James McAvoy trilogy: X-Men: First Class, Days of Future Past, and this new one Apocalypse.

There’s a third semi-trilogy with X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Wolverine with the pending movie due in 2017.

But let’s talk about Apocalypse. On the heels of Days of Future Past (DoFP), which has been the crowd favorite so far, Apocalypse may not live to expectations and it’s all Hugh Jackman’s fault. He’s provided the face of the popular Wolverine character in every single movie so far whether it be as a main character or a fun cameo. So why blame Jackman? Because he isn’t the main character in Apocalypse. There is a small cameo, which I will not spoil. However, DoFP had Wolverine be the main character. There may be an argument that it was either James McAvoy’s Charles Xavier or Michael Fassbender’s Erik Lehnsherr but Wolverine is the character that the audiences follow throughout. In Apocalypse it is a bit unclear who is the main character. Is it Oscar Isaac’s Apocalypse? Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique? Is it the newly introduced Scott Summers played by Tye Sheridan? Or Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey? I can’t really say.

The movie I feel had a bit of trouble with pacing. It kind of felt that I was being rushed from one scenario to another without time to settle and take it all in. This made it so that Apocalypse didn’t seem like that much of a threat. At the same time it was trying to establish some relationships that are favorites or may even be considered fan service. For example, the Jean Grey and Scott Summers relationship didn’t seem forced but it surely didn’t feel earned.

Emotions. I feel Michael Fassbender has been the driving force of emotions and one if not the only character that has gone through multiple states of change. Although Ian McKellen brought a certain characteristic to the Magneto character with his turn under the helmet, Fassbender has been able to really develop the character into his own as well as provide depth. It does feel like “Oh man, why can’t he ever catch a break?” but Fassbender’s performance has continually been consistent and amazing.

If you’re a fan of Psylocke or Storm and are excited to see them in action then this is not for you. From the trailers we know that Apocalypse carries with him four mutants and unlocks their true power. It feels like Psylocke, Storm, and even Angel fall short as soon as Magneto gets recruited. Everyone’s presences feels a bit underwhelming and don’t get much screen time. This shouldn’t come as a surprise especially when you have bigger names on the “good guy side.”

The VFX were great. That’s all pretty much I have to say about that.

Remember that scene in DoFP that everyone loved featuring Evan Peter’s Quicksilver and Jim Croce’s Time In a Bottle? The one in this movies isn’t as great, but still fun and comical.

Oscar Isaac did a great job. I wanted more though. I didn’t feel the threat. But that’s not on Isaac’s performance but rather how they presented Apocalypse.

That’s all I can say about the movie. 

Overall I give this movie an 8/10. For reference, DoFP gets an 8.4/10 (Rogue Cut: 8.6/10).

Thanks for reading!*


*This has been a review by a right-handed person.

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