Playtonic Games Releases Yooka-Laylee E3 2016 Trailer!

The Yooka-Laylee E3 2016 trailer has just dropped and my jaw is off it’s hinges. From the team that brought you the classic games, Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie, comes their new game: Banjo-Threeie- er…I mean, Yooka-Laylee! Grant Kirkhope’s orchestral soundtrack instantly brings in the drama and excitement as we see the return of the Chameleon and Bat combo. Wait-what? They’re new? The duo looks like they’ve been working together for years as we are brought right back to the golden years of 3D platforming goodness!

With beautiful landscapes, colorful designs, and a glorious animal duo that resembles a bear and bird combo, we are brought right back into the video game world of the late 90s. The Yooka-Laylee E3 trailer shows off the massive adventure we are about to embark on with our new heroes, Yooka and Laylee. The lovable team makes reference of their past iterations and the horrors of another game focused on cars. Cars that aren’t named Kartos.

Yooka-Laylee Kartos

The gameplay video truly shows us what the great 3D platformer can achieve in our modern age. With the updated designs and exciting game mechanics, we can expect to be in wonder and awe as we pick this game up come October… Wait, there’s some fine print here. That’s right folks, the release has been pushed to Q1 2017.

Release Date Q1 2017
Playtonic has confirmed that they are confident the game could be released in October of 2016, however, they feel more comfortable putting in some more work and make the release at least 3 months later. Their words, not mine. Perhaps we’ll be jumping into the new world in January of 2017! For now, we can all look forward to all the great content Playtonic Games is creating. Seriously, this team is working hard and jumping through hoops to get this to us as quickly as possible.


The game will be available on Wii U, XBox One, Playstation4, and Steam upon release! The Kickstarter backers who contributed enough to get the game upon release will of course be enjoying the game immediately. The one interesting fact is that the game will be arriving at the end of the Wii U’s lifespan. That is a discussion for another day. But I, for one, am excited that the Wii U will end with a bang!

Well, time to watch the Yooka-Laylee trailer all over again. Stick around and later I’ll have an analysis post to discuss more of what I’ve noticed about the game’s features. I can’t get enough of this Yooka-Laylee E3 2016 trailer.

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